Qinzhou Danio Pack Co., Ltd

Professional provider of Biodegradable Fiber Packaging 
and customized packaging solutions

Being Concentrated and innovative at Biodegradable fiber  packaging,Qinzhou Danio Pack Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor concentrated in offering quality and practical disposable food packaging.
Products are made of renewable resources, the bagasse , it  can be biodegradable and compostable in few weeks. Bagasse as one of the new material is becoming more and more popular in the market, besides its green features, it also has a very good heat insulation performance when packing the hot foods or drink.

Besides the fiber products and its customized packaging ,Danio pack still offers various packaging from our group, including plastic lids, paper cups, party decoration stickers , packaging assembling services etc are available.

Being experienced in food packaging , Danio pack always can develop the perfect packaging , products  and services for your needs .

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Disposable party products

Disposable Toothpicks  (wood/ bamboo)

Party decoration stix

Experienced workers packs for you

CUSTOMIZED New product development

Experiences in pulp mould :

We use high regidity and a good heat conductivity,ensuring a long mould life time and good product texture .

Offering Prototype in a short worktime.

Takes small sample order  


Fiber+Planstic is a new idea for food packaging
Fiber shows the information of “Green”and“Eco”
A good designed plastic lid secures the package closure and making foods visible.

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