Qinzhou Danio Pack Co. Ltd.’s mission is creating more green products for the world, making human life greener and more convenient.

We are a manufacturing and distributing company concentrated in offering biodegradable fiber products and its relevant services. Our factory is located in the Southwest of China. There are 6 production lines, including both semi machines and auto machines. Our plant is a BRC audit factory.
  Biodegradable f
iber products has a vary positive sales in the recent 10 years, it is converting more 

and more disposable plastic and foam products:

What we are doing is right what you may need:

Mould and sample order services:  

We  can offer a fast sample turn out, which takes 5 to 7days to make a new prototype and its samples after drawings confirmation, 3 days samples maybe possible if you order an urgent service.

New product developing:  

We are always developing new product based on potential market needs  based on our research.

 Our products are selling at a very fair price, allowing customers easier to  choose the green  products VS the other disposable material product.

Clear plastic lids available

More and more of our products are available for its lid, it is made of PET/PP depending on the food type. The plastic lid makes a tighter closure  and it is a good choice to make the food visable and looks more attractive.

 CIF & LCL order :

MOQ is a 20ft container per shipment.

But whenever you need a product, no matter how many quantity it is, we can make its delivery for you, they are charging case by case . 

You can choose CIF term if your order is LCL order (not full a container ), which  will save your time and make everything easier for your operation.  

Offering Design Servies

Customized packaging:

Please just show us your packaging idea,then we will do all the next. 

It is welcome to share your idea and your needs to  us, let’s develope and bring more green products for the earth.

Assembly retail packaging services is selectable.

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